Corporate Social Responsibility

High standards of corporate governance, our corporate purpose, culture and the relationships between the company and our clients have never been more important as we look to forward the Group’s goal of providing positive outcomes for our clients and their customers. Our approach is a responsible way of doing business that also seeks to ensure we create an inclusive workplace and have a positive impact on society and the communities in which we operate.

Embark is committed to achieving high standards of corporate governance, integrity, and business ethics and therefore alongside our main Board and the Boards of our subsidiary companies, Embark also operates a number of sub-committees to provide corporate governance. These include our Audit Committee, Risk and Regulatory Compliance Committee, Remuneration and Nominations Committee and Customer Experience Committee. Our Annual Governance Report, which forms an integral part of our Annual Report and Accounts, provides insight into how we have approached our responsibilities.

Our CSR agenda

Since 2020 we have ensured that environmental, social and people practices are central considerations in the management and activities of the Embark Group. Our CSR agenda, underpinned by our strong governance structure, covers three key areas:

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