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Embark Group continues to monitor the Coronavirus to support our clients and ensure the safety of our employees. For more information, tools and resources please visit our COVID-19 page.


Below you will find the latest articles covering a wide range of issues and topics relevant to financial advisers. Articles are written by contributors from Embark’s businesses as well as other partners and providers and are not promotional or sponsored.

These articles are intended for regulated financial advisers and intermediaries only.

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Fettered vs unfettered: The unfinished debate

By Fraser Blain, Horizon by Embark

Embark Adviser

Is it time for advisers to revisit the merits of fettered funds compared to their unfettered rivals? The debate is not a new one, but given changes in regulation, market practices and approaches, it's now framed in a dramatically different context.

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Emerging markets: Five positive trends

By Martin Currie, A Legg Mason company

Embark Adviser

With the pandemic dominating the short-term outlook, the longer-term advantages of emerging-market companies have become more important in the pursuit of return. Here are the top five.

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Client segmentation: is yours fit for purpose?

By Ben Peele, PortfolioMetrix

Embark Adviser

With the nation slowly returning to some sort of normality, now is a good time for advisers to dust off their ‘to do’ lists and make sure they are in a healthy place when it comes to satisfying the regulator.

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Investment portfolio stress-testing

By Dr Quintin Rayer, P1 Investment Management

Embark Adviser

Recent events have demonstrated to advisers, clients, and wealth managers that risk remains ever-present. Beyond the challenges and implications of Brexit negotiations, one approach is to stress-test investment portfolios.

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Value investing: dead or alive?

By Peter Toogood, Embark Group

Embark Adviser

Growth continues to trounce value, and the fear of a deep recession resulting from the pandemic has only reinforced the belief that economic growth remains elusive and that, therefore, corporate earnings will be scarce.

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A Manager’s quarterly review of 2020

By Asim Javed, Alpha Beta Partners

Embark Adviser

Quarter two began with the financial markets in distress, triggered by the economic implications of Coronavirus. Equities and commodities were registering extreme volatility readings not seen since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Looking ahead, are the consequences far from over?

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