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Below you will find the latest articles covering a wide range of issues and topics relevant to financial advisers. Articles are written by contributors from Embark’s businesses as well as other partners and providers and are not promotional or sponsored.

These articles are intended for regulated financial advisers and intermediaries only.

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Embark Investor Confidence Barometer

Exclusive to Embark: Our biannual survey of investor confidence, and the only place advisers can compare the views of peers, advised investors and unadvised investors

Managing investment risk in volatile markets

A short series on managing investment risk in volatile markets. It includes articles, insights and tips to help you keep clients educated and informed.

The Insider guide to drawdown

Approaches to drawdown are many, reflecting a wealth of possible strategies and a range of client needs. Here, we interview five adviser firms to get their insights on how they approach drawdown.

Enabling SMEs to power more sustainable economic growth

By Liontrust

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Ongoing innovation and a transition to a greener economy are integral to a more sustainable future, and a healthy pipeline of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) remains an important driver of both.

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LONG READ: Mid-Year Investment Outlook 2022 - Assessing recession risk

By Global Market Strategy Team, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

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The economic outlook has deteriorated markedly since the start of the year. Lingering inflation concerns have been compounded by the spike in commodity prices following the tragic war in Ukraine and the supply chain problems arising from Covid lockdowns in China.

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ESG and sustainable investing: navigating adverse weather systems

By Hamish Chamberlayne, CFA Head of Global Sustainable Equities and Portfolio Manager, Janus Henderson

Embark Adviser newsletter, ESG

Equity markets have faced stiff headwinds this year, and for ESG investing it has been a near perfect storm. The Russia/Ukraine conflict, rising inflation, slowing growth, central bank activity, and the lingering impact of the pandemic have created much uncertainty at a macroeconomic level.

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The Insider guide to drawdown

By Nick Armet, Content Strategy Lead, Embark Group

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Approaches to drawdown are many and varied, reflecting a wealth of possible strategies and a range of client needs. After speaking with Advisers, what's their secret to drawdown?

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Investing for Drawdown: Three routes to multi-asset

By Scott Simpson

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Phased retirement and longer life expectancy have helped to shift the focus of retirement investing away from a specific event date towards a more rounded approach centred around sustainabilty. As a result, our research reveals advisers are laser-focused on their clients’ growth and income needs over a longer timeframe that is informed by cashflow requirements, risk tolerance, and capacity for loss.

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Positioning for a new regime

By Vivek Paul, Head of Portfolio Research and UK Chief Investment Strategist, BlackRock Investment Institute (BII)

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We are now in a fundamentally different market regime from the one we’ve seen over the past decade – one propelled by higher supply-driven inflation and a more muted cumulative central bank response to such inflation.

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