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Whatever your client’s retirement needs, our range of Embark self-invested pensions is designed to meet them. For clients that want access to straightforward, standard investments we have our Option SIPP. For a more bespoke solution, suitable for clients who require property expertise, greater diversity and wider investment flexibility, we have our Full SIPP.

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Option SIPP

An accessible, easy to understand and cost-effective personal pension. We’ve designed the Option SIPP to help simplify the complexity of pension investing; our Option SIPP gives your clients access to standard investments with DFMs, Stockbrokers and Platforms as well as with other directly held funds.

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Our most flexible SIPP offers the greatest choice for your clients to control their retirement savings, with access to property expertise and a wider range of investment opportunities.

White label

Setting up a new SIPP scheme isn’t easy. It can be extremely expensive, time consuming and risky. So that’s where we come in. You can jump on the back of our SIPP by creating a badged version to offer your clients. This means, you do what you do best, and we take care of the rest.

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If you are new to Embark Pensions and/or would like to discuss how to go about setting up a SIPP with us, please contact our helpful sales team.