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Social impact

As a responsible business we feel that it is important to have a positive effect on society and the communities in which we operate and as such are proud to be involved in a number of charitable and community initiatives. We also love to recognise the wonderful things that our staff do for their communities. We ask our employees to nominate those who they feel go ‘above and beyond’ both in their jobs and in their own time, whether by volunteering, fund raising, taking on community projects or simply helping others.

Everyone who contributes to charitable organisations and their community is a huge source of inspiration that personifies our commitment to building a better society.


Dundee Bike Scheme

As a key employer in Dundee and a keen supporter of green tech initiatives, Embark Group is proud to sponsor the e-bike rental scheme in the city for a second year running.

Over the past year, the scheme has helped develop the local infrastructure of Dundee to work on reducing carbon emissions across the city and has been very successful with over 20,000 trips.

The fleet of around 400 rentable e-bikes forms the largest scheme of docked electric-powered bicycles in Scotland. The scheme, called Embark Dundee, is developed and run by Ride On, an international urban mobility company, in partnership with Dundee City Council.


Established in 2017, the club supports riders from across the UK as they ride socially, in sportives or as part of the Bikestrong-KTM racing team. The club currently has 16 elite riders, with 11 under the age of 23, as well as members competing socially across the country.

Embark’s sponsorship will ensure that Bikestrong-KTM can support more people and expand the opportunities for club riders to compete across the UK.

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“Cycling is a fantastic team sport, requiring many individuals all with different skills to be fully aligned to a single mission, which reflects the Embark Group ethos. One of the attractions of Bikestrong-KTM was their commitment to supporting riders of all levels and abilities from elite to social, enabling more people to engage with the sport”



We continue to support a variety of charities year after year, by fundraising, volunteering and skills sharing; as well as encourage any individual fundraising efforts shown by our staff.

Our ‘Employee Awards’ event celebrates this by recognising all who take part in helping their local communities and chosen charities.


Trussell Trust foodbanks

In 2020 we committed to supporting Trussell Trust foodbanks within our local communities – donating £10,000 to each location we operate in, making a total donation £80,000. These funds will go directly towards providing emergency food to people in crisis, supporting the Trust’s campaign for change and to stop UK hunger.


Supporting our NHS

2020 saw many charities suffer significant losses of revenue due to Covid-19. Recognising this, Embark Group is proud to have donated £10,000 to ‘NHS Charities Together’ recently, as well as taking part in the ‘2.6 Challenge’. Staff took part in supporting the UK charity sector in response to the cancellation of the London Marathon and helped raise over £4,100.


In November 2020, we took part in ‘Movember’, where staff members raised funds and awareness for men’s health by growing a moustache for 30 days. Collectively ‘Embark’s Moustache Gang’ and ‘MovEmbark Platform’ raised over £3,000 to help the charity fund men’s health projects tackling mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer across the world.

2care2share Sponsorship

With a vision to secure a safe life and future for orphans in Arusha, 2care2share look to further educate the local community regarding their homeless children. Their tireless work goes towards combating child poverty, prostitution or crime caused by the tough life of orphan children. The goal is to bring them to adult age with high ethical values and professional competencies. The Embark Group has sponsored this worthy initiative for the last 2 years, donating £10,000 during that time.


“Embark is a key partner of 2care2share ASBL making possible to build a better future for orphans in Arusha, Tanzania by providing Love, Care and Education.”


Women in Asset Servicing (WiAS)

In March, Embark Group and Women in Asset Servicing announced a new partnership designed to increase support for women at all stages of their careers in financial services. Embark is providing practical support, resources and expertise to WiAS to further increase the reach and impact of the group and will run for an initial period of two years. We are currently working with WiAS on their events schedule for the rest of the year and have recently created a new website for them to help further raise their profile. Its founder, Kate Webber has already written an insight piece on mentoring which you can find here.

Embark is looking forward to working with WiAS over the next two years with future ambitions to include mentorship schemes, volunteering programmes and raising the visibility of asset servicing as a career path at STEM events.

WiAS website
WiAS LinkedIn

I’ve been delighted by the first few months of partnership between Women in Asset Servicing and The Embark Group and I can honestly say that it has exceeded my expectations.  The team from Embark are 100% aligned to our ambitions and have jumped in with both feet sharing ideas, time and energy.  We are really excited by the coming weeks when we will be launching our website.  Networks of our size always have big ambitions but without The Embark Group ours would not have been fulfilled.  We are also looking forward to the future where our members will work with you on mentoring programmes.  Thank you again for your commitment.”


Thanks to the support from The Embark Group, our network has truly now arrived! Whilst many people have worked tirelessly over the last few years to launch and grow the network, the support we are now receiving will move us the next level and enable us to support existing members more easily and attract new joiners. I look forward to experiencing the continued enthusiasm from everyone at WiAs and The Embark group as we continue on our journey to be a ‘force for good’ in the industry.”