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Below you will find the latest articles covering a wide range of issues and topics relevant to financial advisers. Articles are written by contributors from Embark’s businesses as well as other partners and providers and are not promotional or sponsored.

These articles are intended for regulated financial advisers and intermediaries only.

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The Insurance Market 2021 – ‘Hard’ market conditions bite…

By Jo Andrews, Co-Director, Hettle Andrews

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At any point during the year Insurance markets will either be witnessing ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ market conditions... So what is the difference?

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Living in a digital world

By Harriet Parker, Investment manager, Liontrust Sustainable Investments

COVID-19, Embark Adviser newsletter

Covid-19 will likely result in changes to how society behaves and ultimately ease the transition to a more sustainable world. Crises often super-charge societal shifts that have been in action for years and this is currently happening across many areas, with decades of development squeezed into weeks.

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Keeping composure in a crazy world

By Dave Chessell, UK Distribution Director, PortfolioMetrix

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Composure is essential to investing as changing strategy at the wrong time can have devastating effects on long term investment returns. Measuring how a client is likely to react to volatile markets takes more than a gut feel.

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Tax year end 2021: Planning opportunities in a unique year

By Scott Sinclair, Embark Group

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The Covid-19 pandemic forced many clients to tweak their financial affairs this year. So, what planning opportunities are there ahead of the end of the 2020/21 tax year?

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The 2020 rollercoaster and thoughts for 2021

By Peter Toogood, CIO, Embark Group

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From the perspective of risk assets, 2020 provided us with both the heights of exuberance and the depths of despair - here are a few of the highs and lows from 2020... and what to expect in the new year.

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The tail wagging the pension income dog

By Geoff Brooks, CEO, Alpha Beta Partners

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The expected return of a typical investment strategy has a distribution which normally provides a positive return over time, but also carries a small but significant risk of suffering a big loss - known as a ‘left tail’ event.

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