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Below you will find our latest articles on issues affecting financial services, as well as news from the Embark Group and our businesses.

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Embark Group appoints Lawrence Churchill CBE to its Board of Directors

By Suraj Shah


We're pleased to announce Lawrence Churchill CBE as the newest member of our Board of Directors, effective from November 1st. Given his proven plc experience and deep understanding of the retirement sector, he will add material strength to our Board.

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The next decade: 2020 vision

By Seven Investment Management (7IM)

Embark News, News

What forces could change the world in the 2020’s? What trends should we look out for? Elon Musk is aiming to launch the first private spaceflight to the moon in 2023. Is space tourism the next big thing to invest in – should you be stockpiling rocket fuel and researching spacesuits?

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Stay focused on your objective

By Tacit Investment Management

Embark News

With the focus very much on short term issues in the UK and US, we believe investors are missing key longer-term implications being highlighted in government bond markets.

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DFM and investment performance

By Rathbones

Embark News

A report looking at the value of Discretionary Fund Management (DFM) has unveiled clear distinctions between two camps of advisers, the adopters and non-adopters of a third-party investment manager. Yet, one important question remains, how do the two camps compare when it comes to investment performance?

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Climate-friendly investing

By P1 Investment Management

Embark News

Climate concerns have emerged as a significant theme in ethical and sustainable investing. Global warming is almost certainly the most significant challenge and the greatest threat that humanity, and our planet, face today.

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Game changing pricing: implications for the DFM market

By Abbie Knight

Embark News

We're already seeing movement in the pricing strategies adopted by financial advisers, away from ad valorem toward fixed fees. In the platform space, the announcement of 'Netflix pricing' sent ripples across the market. Could the DFM sector follow suit?

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