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Below you will find the latest articles covering a wide range of issues and topics relevant to financial advisers. Articles are written by contributors from Embark’s businesses as well as other partners and providers and are not promotional or sponsored.

These articles are intended for regulated financial advisers and intermediaries only.

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Embark Investor Confidence Barometer

Exclusive to Embark: Our biannual survey of investor confidence, and the only place advisers can compare the views of peers, advised investors and unadvised investors

Managing investment risk in volatile markets

A short series on managing investment risk in volatile markets. It includes articles, insights and tips to help you keep clients educated and informed.

The Insider guide to drawdown

Approaches to drawdown are many, reflecting a wealth of possible strategies and a range of client needs. Here, we interview five adviser firms to get their insights on how they approach drawdown.

The case for rebooting your CIP

By Ian Furtado

Embark Adviser newsletter

The start of a new year is always a good opportunity to take stock and reconsider, as you look forward to the year ahead. There is a particularly strong case for revisiting your centralised investment proposition (CIP) if you haven’t done so for a while or, if your firm does not have a CIP, considering incorporating one.

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Noise, noise, noise!

By David Norman, TCF Investment

Embark Adviser newsletter

Investing is risky. Anyone who says otherwise is mistaken. But there are also risks in not investing - inflation being the most obvious. Unfortunately, many investors discovered a new risk during 2019 - liquidity risk - the inability to access assets when desired.

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Niche marketing: Five tips for getting started

By Sara Wilson

Embark Adviser newsletter

Niche marketing is a simple yet effective idea. Done well it can deliver great results and for relatively little cost. Marketing your business can sometimes feel discouraging.

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2020 Outlook for US equities and economy

By Jeff Schulze

Embark Adviser newsletter

Consumer strength should avert recession as equity markets remain volatile. The S&P 500 Index made new all-time highs in 2019, as on-and-off trade tensions with China eased, the Federal Reserve (Fed) cut interest rates three times and corporate earnings held up better than anticipated.

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Financial advice must reflect constantly changing time horizons

By Greg B Davies, PhD - Head of Behavioural Science, Oxford Risk

Embark Adviser newsletter

The days of simple product time horizons are over. Instead, advisers must manage the combined effects of overlapping, interrelated and dynamic goals. The concept of a time horizon is a mainstay of suitability. But what does it mean? And where does it fit into the financial planning process?

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Fast start 2020 - TCF Investment roadshows

By Suraj Shah, Embark Group

Events, General news

Supporting TCF Investment on their roadshows, the Embark Group will discuss pension allowances and the importance of planning. Taking place throughout the UK and open to all financial advisers, this is an event not to be missed.

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